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Dental Sealants

A  dental patient about to receive Dental Sealants in Phoenix, AZ Sealing molars and the teeth that are most susceptible to decay can protect them and even extend their life. Teeth are designed to have contact areas for chewing, different teeth do different tasks, front teeth are designed for biting, and back teeth are designed for chewing. Back teeth tend to have a wider, flatter area with depressions and grooves in varying peaks and valleys that help break up food when chewing. The disadvantage of these ridges is the ease at which food can get stuck. Patients may have difficulty in reaching every angle and every crevice to remove debris, allowing decay to occur on these difficult to clean biting surfaces. At Premier Valley Dental, we can protect your molars by filling these crevices with a protective layer, known as dental sealants.  

Dental sealants are a liquid plastic material that is painted onto clean, sterile teeth. In a brief time, they will dry and bond to the teeth. Once it hardens, the sealants will remain in place for several years acting as a barrier between the teeth and any food or bacteria. By creating a layer between the tooth and whatever bacteria it comes in contact with, we can help keep your teeth healthier, longer. Studies show that children with sealants experience significantly fewer cavities and bacteria causing damage. In fact, as increasing education about sealants is being understood, more and more children are reaching adulthood without ever experiencing a cavity. Quickly the idea of children and cavities going hand in hand will become a thought of the past.

Who can have dental sealants?

Dental sealants are intended for patients who are more susceptible to decay. This includes all minor age patients after they have grown their permanent molars, but can also include adults who have difficult to reach crevices or just experience more problems with decay.

How does stuck food damage teeth?

Flossing and brushing do two important functions, it decreases harmful bacteria and removes decay-causing plaque and food debris. Plaque is another form of food debris, it’s a blend of food and saliva, and the food particles present can contain sugar. Both stuck in food, and plaque, that contain sugar is the prime reason that decay occurs. As bacteria feed on the sugar, it emits an acid that erodes enamel. Most plaque and food can be removed through brushing and flossing, but patients who have deep grooves or are not as diligent of brushers can miss some. We can help protect your teeth from bacteria with the placement of sealants.

By hermetically sealing your back teeth, we can help you have healthier teeth longer. Teeth that are overworked have multiple cavities, or multiple restorative procedures done are at a much higher rate of long-term damage, or even loss. We can help you decrease the chance of tooth damage and loss. The best course of action that a patient can take for their dental health is to protect and save their natural tooth structures as long as possible.
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