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Laser Gum Lifts Phoenix, AZ

There are many reasons why someone would be insecure about their smile. For some people, it can be the color of their smile; for others, it may be a misalignment. A common insecurity, though, is having a smile that is more gum than tooth. Having a “gummy” smile can cause someone to be insecure, and Premier Valley Dental and the rest of the Premier Valley Dental team believe you should have a smile you can be proud of! By offer laser gum lifts to our patients, we believe we are able to deliver a smile that our patients have always wanted.

Laser used for Laser Gum Lifts in Phoenix, AZ The good thing about laser gum lifts is the fact that it is a very simple procedure that can completely change the look of your smile. When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Schwei will be able to look at your smile, what you would like to change, and you will be able to tell Dr. Schwei what you are unhappy with regarding your smile. This form of cosmetic surgery is extremely safe and sterile, as well as quick. As the laser removes your excess gum tissue, it seals it at the same time, making the procedure extremely safe and eliminates the use of stitches. Another benefit of the laser sealing as it cuts is the fact that it reduces your risk complications, such as an infection.

Along with causing someone to feel insecure about their smile, having a smile that is primarily gum can cause many oral health issues. Having a new smile along with a healthier one go hand-in-hand with the laser gum lift procedure, and there is no doubt you would be able to benefit from it if you were an ideal candidate. Having the laser gum lift procedure done will be able to rejuvenate your self-confidence as well as improve the health of your mouth as a whole!
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