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Restorative Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

Keep your Smile Functional and Beautiful with Restorative Dentistry from Phoenix Dentist Dr. Schwei!

At Premier Valley Dental, Dr. Alexandria Schwei as well as the Premier Valley Dental team makes it their top priority to give you the best smile possible. Some things may get in the way of you achieving that perfect smile, such as an unsightly metal filling or teeth missing from your smile, but no matter the situation, Dr. Schwei makes sure that you get the smile you deserve. With a selection of restorative dentistry options, there is nothing the Premier Valley Dental team cannot do to help improve your smile.

Restorative Dentistry at Premier Valley Dental

Woman sitting in a dentist chair and smiling All on four Treatment Concept
Dental Implants
Tooth-colored Fillings
Dental Crown
Fixed Bridges
Root Canals
Gum Disease
Inlays & Onlays
Tooth Extraction
Multiple Tooth Extraction

Tooth-colored fillings are able to keep your teeth healthy and free of decay while also making your smile look as natural as possible. When there is a form of decay, such as a cavity, we fill the tooth with the tooth-colored filling after removing the decay. The filling matches with your tooth color perfectly, blending effortlessly. Crowns also protect your smile, but in a different way. When a tooth has been severely damaged, a crown protects that tooth from any further harm. Crowns are also known as a dental cap because of the way it covers the tooth.

Fixed bridges are different, as they are a row of prosthetic teeth that are attached to a base that is in the color of gums. Fixed bridges are used to replace up to 3 consecutive missing teeth, and are completely custom made to match the rest of the teeth in your smile. Dental crowns make your fixed bridges permanent, giving you a full, lovely smile. Dental implants are wonderful, and they are the more permanent solution to having missing teeth. Involving a titanium screw embedded in your jaw bone, the screw will fuse with your natural bone over time. A crown is placed on top, giving you a completely new smile! Root canals are performed when there has been severe damage and decay to a tooth. The damaged pulp has the potential to affect the nerves in your mouth, and root canals are able to stop that from happening. Dr. Schwei will remove the infected pulp, fill it, and put a crown to protect it from further harm.

No matter which restorative dentistry option you choose, you can be sure that everyone at Premier Valley Dental promise to make your experience the best and most comfortable, bar none.
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