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Do Composite Fillings Easily Stain?

Posted on 12/15/2016 by Doctor Schwei
A woman receiving a dental filling.Composite fillings are the ones that you get that are white, and match the rest of the tooth that the filling is placed in. These fillings are meant to blend in when you get them.

Over time, they do get rougher and the edges can become a bit more noticeable, but they still appear to be part of the tooth. Then, since they appear to be a part of the tooth, do they stain like regular teeth?

Composite Fillings and Stains

Composite fillings are made up of a mix of materials, one of which is plastic. Plastics are susceptible to staining, just like if you were to leave grape juice or red wine in a plastic container. They are not easily stained, meaning they do not stain the second they come in contact with a staining agent, but they will stain and fade over time.

The best way to keep your composite fillings looking like new is to make sure you are properly caring for them every day. Brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Floss at least once per day. Rinse with mouthwash at least once per day, ideally after you floss. Plus, make sure you go in and get a professional cleaning from your dentist at least two times each year.

When your dentist is cleaning your teeth, he or she is going to shine up your teeth, including the filling. That means it will have the surface lightly buffed, allowing it to look like new after each cleaning and removing any surface stains.

If you want composite fillings the next time you have a cavity, then contact our office. We can give you all of the options you have for your filling, and then you can decide which method is going to be best for your specific situation.
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