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How to Brush Your Teeth When Pregnant to Keep Your Gums from Bleeding More

Posted on 3/13/2017 by Doctor Schwei
A pregnant woman suffering from bleeding gums.
A lot of pregnant women struggle with bleeding gums during their pregnancy. This comes as a result of extra hormones created during the pregnancy. If you are struggling with this, then learning how to properly brush your teeth can help.

If you brush your teeth too roughly, you are going to experience an increase in bleeding that may be avoidable. Here are a few tips to help you brush your teeth right so they don't bleed too much.

Tips to Make Brushing Gentler

Using the right toothbrush is a good start. No matter if you use a manual toothbrush or a powered one, make sure the bristles are gentle or soft. This helps you avoid brushing too hard, which can trigger additional bleeding. If your toothbrush is too hard, go out and get yourself a new one.

Brushing in tiny circles can help release the debris from your teeth more gently than trying to brush up or down, or side to side. Brushing in straight lines can do damage to your teeth, plus it can irritate the gum tissues. By sticking with a rounder shape, you can get the debris while causing less irritation.

Making sure to wait the proper length of time can also help keep your mouth, and gums specifically, in better shape. You never want to brush the instant you finish a meal or throw up if you are struggling with morning sickness. You want to wait 30-60 minutes to allow your teeth and gums to get rinsed off by your saliva, before you brush that protection off your teeth.

If you are struggling with bleeding from your gums while pregnant, go in and contact our office. They really can help. They know how to protect your mouth, and your pregnancy, at the same time.

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