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Reasons Why You Might Need a Night Guard

Posted on 5/25/2017 by Doctor Schwei
A dentist holding mouth guard.
Night guards are helpful in correcting several conditions that are detrimental not only to your oral health, but to your general health as well. Rumors notwithstanding, mouth guards are not just for athletes who play contact sports.

They also are not incredibly uncomfortable and as long as you have one professionally made by your dentist and his lab, they are not going to stick you or make it difficult to close your mouth.

So, What Kinds of Conditions Can They Correct?

Mouth guards are very good to have if you grit your teeth or grind your teeth at night. Gritting and grinding your teeth can wreak havoc with your teeth.

As you grit them you put intense pressure on them and could cause them to crack. Grinding your teeth can cause you to wear down the surface of your teeth. This disrupts the enamel and leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay.

In addition to tooth problems, mouth guards can help with sleep apnea. It keeps your jaw forward and helps keep the airways open. It can also help with snoring through the same mechanism. This benefits your general health because you will sleep better and will awaken more rested.

How Do I Get a Mouth Guard?

When you have your annual dental check-up, you should be telling your dentist about any medical problems you have and also any problems with your teeth. Gritting and grinding your teeth fall under that category. Once you tell him you have these problems he may recommend a mouth guard.

If you are gritting or grinding your teeth due to anxiety your dentist may prescribe anti-anxiety medication along with a mouth guard. Once you agree you need one your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to a lab to make your mouth guard.

Once it arrives you will wear it and return to be sure the fit is good and comfortable. Your dentist can make any adjustments necessary.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about mouth guards.

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