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When You Clench Your Teeth, They Become More Prone to Fracture

Posted on 6/23/2017 by Doctor Schwei
A woman clenching her jaw and damaging her smile.
Clenching your teeth, also known as bruxism, is something a lot of people do without even realizing they are doing it. Instead of mentally focusing on something, people tend to clench their teeth, especially when they are stressed out.

This is not good for your teeth. Your teeth are meant to withstand a significant amount of pressure. However, they are not meant to withstand the constant forces that come with clenching your teeth.

The Damage Your Teeth Could Experience When You Clench Them

One of the biggest concerns with clenching your teeth is their ability to become fractured. Your teeth were designed to withstand cross pressure that came along with chewing. Pushing straight down and holding that pressure is not what they were meant to take.

It puts your teeth under pressure that is different than what they are meant to handle. This means they are more likely to crack, which can cause you a lot of pain, plus could cost you your tooth.

Wear is another major concern when you clench your teeth. The more you push on them, the more likely your teeth are to wear down and become flat.

This means that you can struggle to chew up your food, wind up in pain from exposed dentin or nerves, have higher incidences of tooth sensitivity, and also, higher chances of decay. If you can avoid clenching your teeth, by all means, do so.

If you struggle with bruxism, talk to your dentist. They can make you a mouth guard that you can wear either during stressed out times, or even in your sleep, depending on when you tend to clench your teeth the most.

They can also help address the problems that you may already have with your teeth, giving you the ability to keep your teeth healthy.

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