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Why Panoramic X-rays Are So Much Better at Diagnosing Oral Health Issues

Posted on 1/10/2018 by Doctor Schwei
Panoramic X-rays Premier Valley Dental AZ 85014The panoramic x-ray allows us to capture your upper and lower jaws, along with all of your teeth, on the single film. This is represented in two-dimensional image, which makes it easier to pinpoint issues and problems in the teeth, as well as the sinuses, bones, mandibular nerve, and tissues.

We don't have to insert the device into your mouth in panoramic radiology. The results are also pretty quick, which would be perfect in emergency cases.

Benefits and Risks of Panoramic X-rays

One of the advantages of the panoramic x-ray is that your body is not exposed to radiation during the examination. There have been no recorded ill-effects to the patient, which proves that it's a very safe procedure. We also use this on young toddlers and kids as an alternative since the traditional x-ray device may scare them away.

Based on our experience, young children often find the whole process interesting as they sit still while the camera rotates from the one jaw to the next. It's perfect to find out if the permanent teeth still hidden underneath the baby teeth are developing properly. We can also see if the patient has some sinus problems that can manifest themselves as a toothache.

There are attendant risks, however. For instance, if you are pregnant, you should inform the oral surgeon or the dentist right away to determine if it's safe for you to undergo the panoramic x-ray exam. There are also limits to what this device can do. It can't also detect the extent of tooth decay.
A CT scan may be ordered, or a magnetic resonance imaging may be required, if we have to examine the tissues and muscles surrounding the individual tooth.

Call us now so we can schedule you immediately for a panoramic x-ray exam. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, however. We will only know for sure after the initial screening of teeth and jaw.
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