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Come See Us If Your Teeth Move in Your Sleep

Posted on 5/13/2018 by Doctor Schwei
Shifting Teeth Premier Valley Dental AZ 85014Do you wake up each morning only to realize that your teeth feel awkward when you place your teeth together? This could be due to your teeth moving around while you were sleeping.

This can happen because of sleeping in an awkward position, or it could happen due to problems in your mouth. If you have untreated gum disease, oral swelling, or even a cavity, it can throw off your bite. This needs to be addressed before you wind up with loose teeth.

Shifting Teeth Are Signaling a Problem

Teeth that move around are not typically as healthy as teeth that stay still. When your gums are inflamed, such as how they get when you have gum disease, they are not holding your teeth as tightly as they could. This can also affect your mouth down to your jaw bone. The worse your gum disease is, the more potential your teeth have to move around.

An oral abscess could also cause your teeth to move around. This is an infection either in your tooth or in the tissues of your mouth. The infection puts a lot of pressure on your oral tissues and often causes swelling.

That can push your teeth around. If you have pain, a fever, and oral swelling, you need to come in and see us right away. An abscess is never something you want to ignore.

If you wake up and your teeth do not fit together the same way they did when you went to sleep, give us a call. We can take the time to examine your mouth and figure out what is causing the issue. Then, we can figure out the best course of treatment to help restore your teeth to their proper position.
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