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When Would You Need a Dental Inlay?

Posted on 8/13/2018 by Doctor Schwei
When Would You Need a Dental Inlay?Inlays are typically used for large cavities. This makes it more expensive than a filling so dental insurance rarely covers them, which is one of the reasons they're rarely used. For this reason, you'll only be given an inlay when you understand the need for the process.

When You Need a Dental Inlay

The dental inlay process requires that your existing cavity be removed. We will use a drill to do this before filling the empty space with a single, solid piece that's pre-fabricated in the lab. Sometimes these can be made in our office, but since they're usually made from gold or metallic, this is difficult.

It's also challenging because the inlay needs to be precisely made and shaped to fit the exact size of the empty space in your mouth. Failure to do so could result in food and bacteria entering that space. This can lead to further decay.

Getting a dental inlay is a longer process than getting a filling. Typically, it'll take more than one office visit. While they take longer to place in your mouth, they also take longer to become dysfunctional. An example of this is the fact that inlays don't contract like fillings so they're less likely to fail or create a gap between your filling and the surrounding teeth.

Inlays also create a tougher, more durable surface when you're chewing. This makes them more reliable long term.

Clearly, there are three great reasons why you may want to get an inlay instead of a filling: They're made of a strong material. They are less likely to malfunction. They're better for long term wear. Regardless of why you want to get an inlay instead of a filling today, make sure you give our office a call to schedule an appointment to have the work done.
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