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Overbleaching Your Teeth Can Leave Them Permanently Dingy

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Doctor Schwei
Overbleaching Your Teeth Can Leave Them Permanently DingyFor many people, bright white teeth are a sign of healthy teeth and gums. They can make a person want to smile so they can show off their teeth.

Unfortunately, getting bright white teeth is not always as easy as people want. Despite following good oral hygiene habits, they may notice their teeth are not as bright as they want. Because of that, they turn to products to help restore their white teeth.

Bleaching is one way to restore the whiteness. Some people may think that if a little bleach helps make their teeth white, more bleaching will make the teeth even brighter. This is not always the case. Overbleaching may give you results you do not expect.

What is Teeth Bleaching

There are products to help you bleach your teeth at home or it is something that our dental professionals can do in the office. It involves the use of chemicals that help whiten the teeth. The chemicals are a peroxide based chemical. The at home products contain between 3% and 20% of the peroxide while our office products contain between 15% and 43% peroxide. During teeth bleaching the chemicals are applied to the teeth and allowed to remain for a period of time.

Timing is Everything
In general, the longer the chemicals remain, the wither the teeth will get. The problem is that there is a fine line between getting the whitest teeth and causing damage that leaves the teeth dingy. The chemicals can cause the teeth to dehydrate as they work. As the teeth dehydrate, the risks go up.

When the bleaching chemicals are removed at the right time, the teeth will rehydrate quickly and there is no problem. If the products are left on too long, the dehydration will damage the teeth and that will cause them to lose the whiteness. Instead of being bright and shiny, they will look dull and dingy. It is possible that this change is irreversible.

Teeth bleaching is an effective way to whiten teeth, but it is not without risks. While the home products can work, they can also lead to a number of problems if mistakes with their use are made. It is better to turn to professional teeth bleaching to get the best results and to limit the possibility of ending up with dingy teeth instead of white teeth.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to speak to a dental professional.

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