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Are There Any Times Where Using Our Whitening Trays at Home Is the Better Option?

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Doctor Schwei
Are There Any Times Where Using Our Whitening Trays at Home Is the Better Option?We will begin this conversation by noting that professional whitening systems are more powerful, carry fewer potential problems, and give better and longer-lasting results than do the over-the-counter whitening systems you can purchase.

A professional whitening system has trays that are manufactured specifically for your teeth. This means they have a better and tighter fit on all of your teeth and the whitening agent stays on your teeth, where it belongs.

Over-the-counter products sometimes work well enough, but not a well as a professional whitening product. They also don't last as long. Both whitening systems need regular maintenance to keep your teeth looking their best. Let's face it, nothing lasts forever and either product is only as good as what you put into it yourself. You must follow the instructions you are given with either product to get a good result or you are simply wasting your money.

Why Take the Whitening Trays Home?

When you get your teeth whitened it is not a simple one-day affair. We don't apply a solution once and that's it. Some patients think that there is a difference in the application of the product and that the dentist can do it faster with less effort on your part. The less effort on your part is true if you have the entire process performed in the office, but the, how long it takes part, is not.

If you choose to have the process performed in the office it will require multiple visits and each visit could last up to an hour while your teeth soak in the solution. It is also more expensive due to the number of visits. The number of visits is determined only by when you reach the desired shade of white. We can't predict that.

If you are willing to follow instructions and don't have the time to devote to multiple visits to us, then taking the trays home is the best solution for you. Come in for an evaluation and we can discuss all of the options available to you.

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