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Signs You Need to Get More Fluoride in Your Life

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Doctor Schwei
Signs You Need to Get More Fluoride in Your LifeFluoride is derived from fluorine, which is found in the Earth's crust and in parts of rocks and soil. It's important for your teeth because it helps prevent decay. When you don't have enough fluoride, you could have issues. Fortunately, there are some signs that will let you know when your body is deficient.

How You'll Know When You Need More Fluoride

One of the biggest ways of knowing that you're deficient in fluoride is that your teeth will start to decay. This happens when the bacteria that's found in plaque starts to collect on the surface of your teeth. Once it's there it'll start using the sugar and carbohydrates that you eat to help it produce acid. In turn, these acids will start to wear away at your tooth enamel.

Fluoride can protect your teeth and prevent this from happening. Communities where there are many children experiencing tooth decay will know that these children aren't getting enough fluoride from their oral health care or the water that they drink. The reason this water is so important is that it typically contains fluoride, which is known to reduce tooth decay by about 25%.

Fluoride's Effect on Your Overall Health

Tooth decay is one of the most important concerns people have when it comes to their oral health. Typically, teeth that are rotting or decaying are doing so because of the accumulation of plaque that can also lead to gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease will oftentimes go undiagnosed and so your overall health can start deteriorating without your knowledge. These bacteria that are accumulating in your mouth can also enter your bloodstream.

Once there it can clog your arteries, cause heart disease, or lead to you having a stroke. These are all things fluoride can help you avoid so if you still have questions about it, make sure you call and set up a time to stop by and have us answer those questions for you.
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