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Symptoms You Need to Floss Better

Posted on 8/30/2019 by Doctor Schwei
Symptoms You Need to Floss BetterDo you think that you do an adequate job of flossing, but aren't quite sure? Alternatively, do you rarely floss, but feel like no one can tell? Regardless of which scenario sounds like you, there are certain symptoms that may indicate you need to do a better job of flossing.

Red, Bleeding Gums

If you floss your teeth and your gums bleed, you should take this as an indication you need to improve your flossing habits. Some people are put off by the sight of blood and think they are bleeding too hard, but this actually means that bacteria has built up under the gums. Bleeding gums mean that you need to floss more in order to remove these harmful substances from the gums.

Tooth Sensitivity

As gingivitis – the earliest form of gum disease – progresses, you may experience tooth sensitivity. Gum tissue that is chronically inflamed may cause the root surface to be exposed. Exposed root surfaces will leave your teeth prone to sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold beverages. If you notice that your sensitivity is worsening, improving your oral hygiene routine by flossing better is in your best interest.

Chronic Bad Breath

Bacteria and food debris are the biggest causes of bad breath, and these substances love to hide out wedged between the teeth. If they aren't removed, bacteria will multiply, and you can ultimately end up with some stinky breath. Brushing and flossing is the first line of defense when it comes to treating halitosis.

Gum Recession

If your teeth look longer, you may be suffering from gum recession as a result of gum disease. Failure to properly remove bacteria from between the teeth may lead to pockets that make the teeth look longer than normal.

Another way to determine if you need to floss better is to come in for your regularly scheduled dental appointments. We can inspect the health of your gums to determine how well you are flossing and how to improve. Call us today.
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