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Intra-Oral Camera Phoenix, AZ

Intraoral CameraThese days, most patients are accustomed to the use of video and photography in modern medicine. At Premier Valley Dental, we use a device known as an intra-oral camera to improve patient education, and establish a clear line of communication between you and Dr. Schwei. The better informed you are on the condition of your teeth; the better equipped you are to maintain proper oral hygiene.

How does the Intra-Oral Camera work?

The intra-oral camera or IOC is the shape and size of a toothbrush. There is a small, autofocus lens at the tip of the device, as well as a tiny light to properly illuminate the area in question. The video feed is connected to a monitor, situated in your line of sight, and gives you a comprehensive image of your teeth. Many IOC’s are portable and have wireless capabilities, making it easier for us to connect to a monitor or computer.

During a regular dental exam, we will thoroughly check your mouth for signs of disease or decay using an intra-oral camera. In some cases, we may dry your teeth or gums with gauze or a dental air nozzle to reduce the reflection created by your saliva. The procedure is relatively quick and can change your outlook on your oral health.

The Advantages of the Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras have become an essential tool for diagnosing possible problems with your oral health. They also allow us to establish a more dynamic patient record file. We can document your progress, or easily share results with a specialist, should you need one.

Intra-oral cameras provide a more comprehensive view of your teeth than X-rays or mirrors. The camera allows us to capture the nuances of your mouth to an unmatched degree. Thanks to increased image quality, IOCs can reveal gum disease or cavities in the earliest stages. Also, a problem such as a fractured tooth can be impossible to spot without the magnified image of an IOC.

Intra-oral cameras are small and convenient to use, making them one of the most noninvasive ways to provide us with information on the current state of your oral health. Immediate feedback and a comprehensive image can also provide you with the education you need to maintain proper oral hygiene. We find that patients benefit from seeing the effects of good oral hygiene (or lack thereof). They become aware of possible problems while they are still reversible, and can implement better habits.

The image on the screen is also less complicated than an X-ray. It takes the considerable experience to identify a problem on an X-ray. Through the use of intra-oral cameras, we can present a chip, crack, or cavity, in a way that is more recognizable to you. Together, we can develop a treatment plan you are comfortable with because you have a better understanding of your oral health.

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