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Foods that Boost the Health of Your Gums

Posted on 2/25/2017 by Doctor Schwei
A collection of fruits and vegtables.
Are you trying to give your gums a little workout to keep them healthy? Then you want to be eating a lot of produce. The more produce, specifically vegetables, that you can put into your body, the more nutrients you will be getting naturally.

Fruits and veggies are a great snack, and are really good for your gums and teeth. However, fruits tend to have more sugars, so if you have the option between a fruit and a vegetable, go with the veggie.

Great Options for Healthy Gums

For fruits, one can hardly do better than an apple or a pear. These two fruits have great skins with a good amount of nutrients in it, dense fruit to chew on, and lots of fiber, which is good for your entire body, not just your mouth. You cannot do better than these in a pinch when a vegetable simply isn't an option.

However, if you have the option to eat a vegetable snack, you should go with the ones that are crunchy and watery. Think carrots and celery as good starters. Celery is one of the best options when you need to brush your teeth due to the fibrous nature of the stalks. However, both of these are hard to chew, giving your gums a bit more of a workout than if you were to only eat green beans, for example.

Snacks are great for you when you go with produce, but they do not always give you the widest nutritional benefits. However, if you look for a food that is good for your gums first, then you can compare which nutritional avenue you want to go down.

If you want a few more ideas, then contact our office and see what we recommend.

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