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All on Four Phoenix, AZ

Anyone who has experienced significant tooth loss knows all too well the downsides that accompany missing teeth. It can be hard on your diet, make it difficult to eat, and it tends to end up affecting your self-esteem. At Premier Valley Dental, we can give you a reason to start smiling again with All on Four. Using the All on Four procedure, we can give you back a full set of permanent teeth that are as easy to care for as your natural teeth were and restore every bit of the functionality that you lost.

What Is All on Four?

All on Four is a full arch tooth replacement concept that allows us to offer our patients the ability to permanently replace all the teeth on either the top or the bottom (or both) arch of their mouth. Instead of having to deal with dentures, you can have a permanent set of dentures attached directly to four dental implants that are surgically inserted into your jaw.

The Advantages of All on Four

Dentures can be a real hassle. They don't allow you to eat anything you would like and you have to take them out to sleep at night. On top of that, they have a laundry list of upkeep requirements if you want to protect your investment. If you drop your set of dentures, accidentally there is a good chance that they could become fractured and unwearable. With All on Four you don't have to bother with any of that.

All on Four allows you to eat anything that you would like, anytime you want. You take care of your new permanent All on Four solution the same way you would your normal teeth – brushing twice a day. They look great and feel natural in your mouth, restoring your confidence in your appearance and your smile.

The All on Four Procedure

The process for having the All on Four procedure done can differ greatly from patient to patient based on what is going on in their mouth. Some of the factors that we take into account before beginning the procedure are having appropriate bone levels in the jaw and removing any remaining teeth from the arch that is having the treatment.

First, we will build a treatment plan for you, wherein we take scans and impressions of your mouth to determine exactly how and where we will place the four dental implants that will support the arch prosthesis. Once we have your treatment plan ready we can begin the process of placing the implants in your jaw. When the implants have been placed, we will fit you with a temporary prosthesis and allow the implants some time to heal properly.

During recovery, it is important that you follow all post-operative care protocols closely to aid in quick and effective healing.

When healing is done, we place the full arch onto the implants and set it permanently in your mouth.

Call us today at (602) 279-1641 if you would like to schedule and appointment for a no obligation consolation. We look forward to seeing you smile!
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