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Crown Lengthening Phoenix, AZ

Crown lengthening is a simple dental procedure that involves removing gum tissue from around a tooth. By removing this tissue we are exposing more of the tooth, and therefore lengthening the visible portion of the tooth. This procedure may be done due to the tissue being excessive or to gain access to a portion of the tooth that we could not. Working with Dr. Schwei, and our team at Premier Valley Dental, we can examine your needs and help you decide on the best course of action for your situation.

Occasionally, there are medical solutions that would just never occur to the average patient. Crown lengthening is one of those procedures. There are two main reasons to have this step done:

•  Excessive Gum Tissue:We have heard patients express not liking the aesthetic of a gummy smile, but what patients may be unaware of is that their gummy smile can also have dire effects. Excessive gum tissue can hide bacteria. Food debris, plaque, and bacteria can get stuck and remain in overhanging gums, it is difficult if not impossible to remove, and leaving it in place will cause decay and gum disease.
•  Expose More Tooth Structure:At times, we need to gain access to more of the tooth structure. This may be due to not having enough tooth to attach a dental crown to, or the patient has decay or a fracture on the tooth in an area that we can not get to without crown lengthening.

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

Before this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Schwei will want to make the patient feel comfortable. We do this through the assistance of an anesthetic. Most patients find local anesthesia to be sufficient, but we can provide conscious sedation when needed. With the patient comfortable, the crown lengthening procedure can begin. Dr. Schwei will perform a series of cuts, both to remove the tissue in question and then to help the look appear even and natural. We don’t want one area to appear as if it has been gouged. Dr. Schwei will place sutures, or stitches, as needed. We finish with an antibacterial wash to help prevent infection.

The entire crown lengthening process is fast, and most patients are done in less than an hour. Following the crown lengthening process, we will review information with you and send you home with care instructions. The most important information when healing is to be aware of any unusual or heavy bleeding and to be observant of signs that indicate infection. If you experience any unusual symptoms, we ask that you seek immediate medical attention and then contact our office to schedule an appointment.

We can help you have a healthier mouth. For more information on crown lengthening, and if this simple minimally invasive procedure is right for you, contact Premier Valley Dental. Our team is here to answer your questions, assist you in scheduling an appointment, and provide further information.

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