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Cleanings and Check-up Exams

Young woman with a beautiful smile We recommend coming in for a regular dental exam and hygiene appointment every six months, or twice a year. A dental cleaning appointment is one of the simplest and most routine procedures in the health care environment. Recent studies have proven oral health can impact the overall health of your entire body. During this hour appointment, our hygienists and Dr. Schwei will thoroughly examine your dentition, oral tissues, and complete a very vital oral cancer screening. At this time, we can recommend a treatment plan that is unique and tailored to your individual concerns and current needs.

While routine brushing and flossing does a good job of removing plaque, bacteria is constantly forming in the mouth and on all surfaces of your teeth. Tartar, the more tenacious form of dental plaque, can build up in those hard to reach areas which may lead to decay and periodontal disease. Some patients naturally are at a higher risk of developing tartar more quickly, such as those with dental crowding. Don’t worry, our hygienists have your back! During your routine cleanings, our highly-skilled hygienists will clear away plaque and its more stubborn tartar form, leaving you with a mouth that feels clean and refreshed. Please do not hesitate to call our office (602) 279-1641 as we specialize in looking after our patients’ teeth so they can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.
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Professional dental cleanings have several benefits. Not only do we remove the buildup from the surfaces of your teeth, but we can also reach the spaces of your mouth that you might otherwise miss at home. Cleanings help to provide you...
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