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Dental Mouthguards/ Night Guards

Dental Mouthguards in Phoenix Mouth guards are great for those who participate in contact sports like basketball, football, hockey, and rugby. You were given only one set of teeth, so why not protect them! Mouth guards can help prevent damage to teeth and also reduces the risk of other mouth-related injuries to your tongue, lips and oral soft tissues. We are all about school spirit and can customize the color of your mouth guard to match your school colors.

Additionally, there is also a mouth guard specifically designed for those who suffer from night-time teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism. Here at Premier Valley Dental we can fabricate a customized night guard that prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming into contact, lessening the effects of grinding and clenching. While there is no treatment that stops the habit, the customized night guard is a comfortable alternative to allow your jaw muscles to rest, resulting in improved sleep patterns. Additionally, a night guard will protect your teeth from chipping and cracking.

It is true you can buy a mouth guard and night guard over the counter or online. While they can be a temporary solution, we do not recommend long-term use. These over the counter guards are a one-size fits all and can be bulky and uncomfortable for a lot of patients. Additionally, in some circumstances, these guards can potentially change the alignment of your teeth if not properly used.

Whether you’re an athlete or a grinder, we can provide you with the right guard that suits your needs. We understand that every patient’s mouth is unique and we ensure that each guard is customized and fits perfectly before you leave.
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