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Digital X-Rays Phoenix, AZ

Dentist and patient viewing a panoramic digital xrayDental X-rays are a critical diagnostic tool that helps detect damage and disease in ways a traditional oral exam cannot. Thanks to improvements in digital technology, dental X-rays are also safer and more convenient than ever before. At Premier Valley Dental, we use digital X-rays to help reduce exposure to radiation and provide instantaneous results.

How often you should receive digital X-rays depends on your age, oral health, and dental history. If you are at greater risk for disease or showing symptoms of the oral disease, Dr. Schwei will suggest the use of digital X-rays to help diagnose potential problems and develop a treatment plan.

If you are a new patient, Dr. Schwei may recommend X-rays to better understand the current status of your oral health, and establish a reference point for any issues that may arise in the future.

Types of Digital X-rays

There are several types of X-rays that can be performed, depending on the type of care you may need to receive. The most common types of X-rays include:
•  Periapical. This allows us to view an entire tooth, from crown to root.
•  Panoramic. This gives us a complete picture of your mouth, including your teeth, sinuses, nasal areas, jaw, and jaw joints. They are typically used for an implant or orthodontic treatment.
•  Bite Wing. This allows us to view your upper and lower posterior (back) teeth. They are used to determine if decay is present and to reveal how your teeth occlude (come in contact with each other.
•  Occlusal. This gives us a clear view of the floor of your mouth. They are typically used for children, as they highlight tooth development by revealing primary and permanent teeth below the gum.

To receive an X-ray, you will need to wear a heavy lead vest. This reduces exposure to radiation. You will bite down on a small plastic apparatus that acts as a traditional X-ray film. One of our technicians will then begin to take X-rays of the targeted area. The process will be repeated until the proper images are produced.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays offer several benefits over traditional film X-rays.

The equipment used for digital X-rays requires 1/5 the radiation of traditional film X-rays. Patients that need X-rays taken on a regular basis, no longer need to worry about excessive exposure to radiation.

Digital X-rays produce higher quality images. The images that appear on the screen can be enlarged, and the contrast and color can be adjusted. This provides a greater understanding of your tooth’s structure and makes smaller cavities more visible.

Digital X-rays shorten your dental appointment. They do not need to be developed like film x-rays because a sensor is used to develop the picture instantly. This picture is then projected onto a screen. If an X-ray needs to be retaken, we can do it immediately.

Digital X-rays also make it easier to transfer dental records. The digital images can be e-mailed to a specialist or future dentist with ease. The expense and time associated with mailing a physical copy disappears! This also makes digital X-rays more environmentally-friendly.

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