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Full Mouth Reconstruction

woman having mouth pain from bruxismYour mouth consists of many different parts that enable it to perform a wide variety of different tasks. They help you eat, speak, smile, and express many different types of emotions. When your mouth is healthy, all of the components work together easily, and you hardly even know that they are doing their jobs. However, when faced with oral health issues, even the smallest movements of your mouth can become incredibly difficult. They can also cause a significant amount of pain. Premier Valley Dental can improve the functions of your mouth, and your oral health, with a full mouth reconstruction.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a treatment that is aimed at improving your oral health as well as your smile. It is a customized treatment that is fairly similar to a smile makeover, except that the main focus of a full mouth reconstruction is improving your oral health. This particular procedure involves several different treatments, which we customize to meet your specific needs. A full mouth reconstruction typically involves a mixture of restorative treatments, periodontal treatments, endodontic treatments, orthodontics, and even oral surgery.

Determining Your Need for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Prior to undergoing a full mouth reconstruction, a consultation is needed. This consultation is necessary to determine what issues are affecting your mouth, their severity, and what treatments will provide you with the best results. You may be a candidate for a full mouth restoration if you:

•  Have suffered facial trauma, such as a sports injury or a fall.
•  Have suffered a significant amount of tooth damage.
•  Have teeth that are excessively worn down.
•  Have suffered tooth loss.

In order to determine your specific needs, we perform a thorough oral examination. We look over your teeth, checking for signs of wear, damage, and decay. We check your bite to assess tooth and jaw alignment. Your gums are checked for signs of gum disease. In addition to a visual examination of your mouth, we also take digital images of your mouth. These images may include X-rays, 3D scans, impressions, and more. Many of these images allow us to spot issues that are invisible to the naked eye. X-rays and 3D scans can show us root damage, bone damage, cysts, abscesses, and other issues. Images help to provide us with a complete picture of your mouth so that we can formulate the best treatment plan for you.

Treatments Provided for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Once we have determined the best treatments, we also determine the order in which they should be performed. Treatments are typically spread out over the course of a few separate visits, and treatment can take up to a year to complete.

There are a number of different treatments that may be provided. Common treatments performed during a full mouth reconstruction include:

•  Fillings
•  Inlays and onlays
•  Veneers
•  Crowns
•  Bonding
•  Bridges
•  Dental Implants
•  Gum disease treatment
•  Crown lengthening
•  Gum grafting
•  Root canal therapy
•  Orthodontic treatment
•  Oral surgery

A full mouth reconstruction is a completely customized to meet your needs, allowing us to restore the functions of your mouth as well as its health. Call Premier Valley Dental today at (602) 279-1641 to schedule your consultation and find out if a full mouth reconstruction is right for you.
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