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Gum Disease Phoenix, AZ

Keep your Entire Mouth Healthy with Gum Disease Therapy from Premier Valley Dental.

The most important thing about any thriving establishment is a solid, healthy foundation. Well, the same goes for your teeth. Many people think that if their teeth are white and straight that everything is fine, but what is often overlooked is the important role your gums play in your having a healthy smile. When your gums’ health is compromised, it can lead to many systematic consequences, which is why Dr. Schwei makes sure that your gums, as well as your teeth, are the healthiest they can be. During every dental exam, Dr. Schwei will look for any signs of gum disease, setting quick and effective treatment plans into motion.

Healthy family smiling after their dental treatment at Dr. Schwei's office in Phoenix, AZ Healthy gums are supposed to be firm and pink in appearance, while unhealthy gums are typically swollen, red or discolored, sensitive, and may bleed when you brush or floss. Though it may not appear to be a big problem to some people, leaving gum disease untreated can lead to many other complications throughout your body. Gum disease has the potential to lead to dementia, gum recession, tooth loss, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Gum disease occurs when bacteria invade your gums and begin to deteriorate the connective tissue, causing your teeth to become loose. In order to prevent this, Dr. Schwei tackles the issue with gum disease therapy. Our practice utilizes laser technology when handling your gum disease therapy, and it is the most effective way of curing your ailment. The laser tackles only the unhealthy gum tissue, and is an extremely sterile procedure.

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Gum Disease Phoenix, AZ • Premier Valley Dental
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