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Teeth Whitening Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Schwei Offers Teeth Whitening to Help Your Smile Truly Shine!

Having a confident and beautiful smile can make a world of difference. However, there are many factors that can affect the luminescence of your smile. Coffee, tea, smoking, and even certain medications can alter the brilliance of your smile, and, over time, can really take its toll. You may have tried to fix your diminishing smile with over the counter solutions, all guaranteeing a whiter smile, but the results are less than enthusiastic. We understand how you feel, and at Premier Valley Dental, we make it our mission to deliver the best smile possible to our patients. Dr. Schwei is able to whiten your smile with ease!

Smile only with very white teeth We offer our patients two ways of whitening their smile, both meant to be the most convenient for the patient. Our in-office whitening is great for people who want to take out a little time out of their day to transform their smile. When you come in for your whitening appointment, we will meticulously assess your needs and talk with you about how you want your new smile to look. During the appointment, we will apply a whitening gel of the appropriate strength on your teeth, and place your smile under a light. In about an hour, your smile is several shades whiter!

With our at-home whitening process, your smile gently whitens over time, giving you a gradual change to your smile. We will determine the appropriate whitening gel strength for you to use, and supply you with a custom made whitening tray. When you are ready to whiten, simply fill the tray with the whitening gel and wear it for the recommended amount of time where it fits in your schedule. In about two weeks, you will be able to see the full results of the whitening process, leaving you with a beaming smile everyone can appreciate! If you would like to reap the benefits of a whitened smile, make an appointment with Dr. Schwei and let us help you along your new, bright journey!

Lifetime Whitening

At Premier Valley Dental we feel that every patient deserves to take pride in their smile. We are excited to offer to our patients a unique program called “Lifetime Whitening.” This program is extended to patients who have proven to take their oral hygiene and dental health seriously. Learn more about program details.
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