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Sedation Dentistry

A woman sleeping on a cloud, metaphorically representing Sedation Dentistry in Phoenix ArizonaHelping our patients be calm and comfortable while reducing uneasiness is important to our staff. Dental treatments or procedures may be necessary, but pain and anxiety do not have to be. At Premier Valley Dental, we offer various ways to relieve discomfort during treatment, including numbing through a local anesthetic, conscious sedation which can be done in our office, or we can make arrangements for unconscious sedation when needed. Each anesthetic administered is individually customized based on the patient’s physical and emotional needs.

Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic is the most common form of pain relief administered before dental treatment. It is designed to cause temporary paralysis of a specific nerve area, causing the patient to feel numb in the precise place administered. This level of anesthetic is a very low risk for any permanent troubles or damage. At times, we may use a local anesthetic in combination with conscious sedation.

Conscious Sedation

We can provide various forms of conscious sedation options before surgery depending on your needs. Conscious sedation can be delivered in a few different ways, including:

•  Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is more commonly known by the phrase, laughing gas. It is administered as a gas that is inhaled through a mask and given blended with oxygen. Though it may not make you giggle, nitrous oxide can help a patient feel a certain level of euphoria that helps them to relax. Laughing gas, when properly given, has a very low risk of side effects, and in most cases is completely worn off within minutes of removing the mask. Most patients find that they can drive themselves home following the use of it.  
•  Oral Sedation: There are pills that we can prescribe to be taken before treatment that can relax the patient and often help them lose track of time while they are here. This can sometimes be referred to as sleep dentistry though the patient is not medically put to sleep, they are just relaxed to the point that many fall asleep. The most common pill prescribed is Valium, but we have many options. This is ideal for patients who suffer severe anxiety over dental treatment. Patients who have been prescribed oral sedation need to bring an adult with them, they can not drive themselves home.
•  Unconscious Sedation: Medically induced unconscious sedation is for larger procedures. Though we are capable of performing larger dental surgical procedures, we often refer patients who require unconscious sedation to an oral surgeon.

The advantages of sedation for dental treatment include helping the patient be at ease and allowing us to get more accomplished at one time, meaning fewer office visits for you. Finding the right sedation is key, we want to work with each of our patients as a whole, including the physical needs and also their emotional ones. It is important to inform us of all medications you are taking, even if they seem irrelevant to your mouth.
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