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Tooth Extraction

An image of tooth and tools after extraction in Phoenix ArizonaThough permanent teeth are ideally meant to last you a lifetime, there are instances where a tooth or in some cases, a set of teeth, needs to be removed to prevent further damage and infection. Here at Premier Valley Dental, we understand how delicate of a situation this can be for some people. We have been serving our community for years, and our goal has not changed. We strive to provide quality dental services while keeping our patients oral, emotional, and general health in mind.

The Need for Tooth Extractions

Though saving the affected tooth is always the preferred course of action, there are cases. However, that prompts us to perform a tooth extraction. Some of the most common reasons that lead to the removal of a tooth are severe damage and decay, though there are other reasons that lead to extractions. The presence of gum disease that has infected the bone and tissues surrounding the tooth may cause the tooth to loosen, which will lead to an extraction.

Another is when an infection caused by tooth decay has already reached the pulp of the tooth, affecting its blood vessels and nerves, translating to severe pain. Once antibiotics no longer get the job done, an extraction should take place immediately. Also, tooth extractions are sometimes required in orthodontic procedures where a set of teeth needs to be aligned.

Extractions Done Right

Our office will see to it that all of our patients are relaxed and comfortable during a tooth extraction procedure. We administer a local anesthetic on the area surrounding the tooth to keep the patient from feeling pain during the procedure. In cases where more than one tooth must be removed, we use a general anesthetic, which will put the patient to sleep during the course of the procedure.

We use the latest dental tools and technologies that help us perform extractions safely. Our team is composed of trained and experienced people that include a dental hygienist and a certified dental assistant who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist us in handling different kinds of dental concerns, treatments, and procedures.

Complete Care Goes Beyond The Office Visit

A swift recovery starts with the procedure but ends at home. This means that it is our job to ensure that we provide all of our patients with the proper recovery plan. This includes information on how to handle and manage pain, address any swelling that they may come up and give them advice on which kinds of foods to eat and which ones to stay away from.

Let Us Get Your Aching Tooth Checked, Today!

If you are suffering from toothaches and the pain is getting too much to handle, do not hesitate to have Premier Valley Dental take a look. Call us today at (602) 279-1641 to schedule an appointment and let us give your tooth a thorough examination. No one should ever have to live in pain, that is not how we were meant to live. Let us help you rid yourself of your pain so you can get on with your life once more.
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